A Little Bit About Us

CBD Clinics Australia connects patients with
doctors to help treat conditions and improve quality of life

Our Values

Our mission at CBD Clinics Australia is to provide easy and affordable access to safe medicinal cannabis products to everyday Australian. Our dedicated team handles all of the complicated paperwork so our patients don’t have to worry.
Our vision is for ordinary individuals to have a choice in treating their medical conditions using natural innovative alternatives, rather than just mainstream pharmaceuticals that can have undesirable side-effects.

Our promise is to always provide an open, honest and transparent service. This includes all the benefits, potential risks and the treatment journey so you can make informed decisions around your health and future.


I was struggling on a daily basis with pain and lack of movement due to arthritis. I have been using CBD oil for just over 2 weeks and my pain has subsided dramatically and I am no longer using any other pain medication. Also, I no longer require a walking stick and I can now move more freely and do activities I previously could not. I highly recommend CBD oil to anyone with persistent pain and would like to thank CBD Clinics Australia for the professional manner they assisted me in getting access.

After being diagnosed with aggressive inoperable prostate cancer in 2018. I was asymptomatic until December 2020 when I began to have intense pain in my hip, thigh, knee, and shin which was crippling and the opiate-based medicine I was prescribed had no effect. I began taking CBD Oil in February 2021 and my sleep pattern returned to normal and pain levels were reduced by 80-90%.


Our Story

A word from our founder Mauricio Henriquez

I wanted to start CBD Clinics Australia to help people live their best lives, with access to natural medications.

It was my mother who originally inspired me to start the business. We had always been very close and six years ago, I started to notice she seemed distant and her moods were darker. She complained about suffering insomnia and anxiety about going to sleep, which really worried me.

She tried some breathing techniques I suggested and was prescribed sleeping pills by her doctor but they had devastating side effects. The resulting sleep was poor quality and she described feeling a terrible hangover the next morning. My mother had always been full of energy and enthusiasm, so to hear her say she felt so fatigued was so concerning to me.

Soon I asked her to speak to her local doctor about prescribing cannabis oil, but despite it having been legalised in Chile, just like Australia, her doctor did not know enough about it. She was told her only option was to continue with the sleeping tablets, despite their horrible side effects and lack of long term efficacy.

I was convinced that CBD oil would help my exhausted mother, so I took it upon myself to source her some, travelling to Oregon in the US to learn about the industry and its intricacies and secure three CBD oils full spectrum to send to my mother.

The affect on her sleep and overall wellbeing was almost immediate – the first night she used it she described one of the best night’s sleeps she had had in a long time. Soon she was regularly placing a drop of CBD oil under her tongue before bed, and with better rest, soon my mum was back to her usual exuberant self.

I was so inspired by my mother’s turn-around that I decided to switch professional careers and launch CBD Clinics Australia so that other families could experience the profound benefits of CBD oils and medicinal cannabis. I couldn’t be prouder of our team of passionate doctors that continue to change people’s lives for the better.